Steamed herb-Wormwood

Use of domestically produced organic Mugwort



Detox, skin, anti-aging

Steamed with wormwood goes warm body focusing on lower body, is a folk medicine in Korea have done for hundreds of years. Japanese Mugwort, a medicinal herb steam directly absorb from the mucous membranes and skin, can expect prevention of gynecological diseases and improvement, detoxification, skin effects and effects, such as anti-aging, improving metabolism and diet.

Gynecological diseases prevention and improvement

Wormwood operate directly on the female sex organs in gynecological diseases and physiological irregular menstruation, menopause will help and disaster prevention. In addition to firmly warm the body core can improve poor blood circulation and improve the immune system.

Antiseptic deodorant

Wormwood moisture has a strong sterilization, so from the outside from the inside of the body is beautiful to me. Suppresses the inflammation and itching and skin diseases have anti-inflammatory effects. It is said, have effect as well as Candida fungus.

The effect of relaxation and healing

Very excited with the smell of Wormwood, to relax. Also lots of pleasant sweat by mind refreshed and relaxes.
Wormwood steaming is relaxing Detox

Anti aging(アンチエイジング)

Broccoli said with strong antioxidant properties fight, reactive oxygen species and Wormwood steamed vegetables in something 100 times more than is believed.
Keep young and beautiful body inside and out, make up the antioxidant and immune system effects can be expected.

Skin effect

Canceled out by women, such as cervical or ovarian function decreased, supplying nutrients contained in wormwood cineole, cesgterpin, amylaseadeninkorinchloro calcium and vitamin ABCD trouble spots, freckles and pimples Recovered in aging skin and give the skin elasticity, shine and transparency. Also, change skin due to elimination of waste and disinfection has told me and allergy-prone skin are also effective.

Improvement in hemorrhoid

For by wormwood's ingredients are absorbed directly from the lining of the anus, solved congestion of the blood vessels around the anus and irritations of the mucous membranes, improvement in hemorrhoids and prevent recurrences.

Detox effects

Function was reduced by improving blood flow becomes active and is stuck in the body wastes and toxins that break down and the drain with large amounts of sweat.
I think you'll find lighten the physical senses.

The effect of diet shapes up

By steaming wormwood improves the blood circulation and promotes fat decomposition and removal. Also because the intestines prepared intestines, constipation is also effective. In addition to high transpiration eliminates waste products and excess fluid in the body.

Sweating in the wormwood steamed I "nutrition plenty of" of said sustained efficacy for different steam wormwood, so in General gradually like sweat in the shower without shedding, wipe it off with a towel.

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